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From Joachim von Buttlar, IBM Germany:

NETLIST provides a FILELIST-like full-screen display of RSCS network queues and links. A single NETLIST command can track files across a complete network path from origin to destination. The following file information is shown:

  • Current VM node
  • Position in queue
  • File name, type
  • Origin node, user
  • Link queue
  • Status
  • Destination node, user
  • Depending on user options,
    • Records left, total
    • Blocks left, total
    • Origin date, time

Features are provided as you know them from FILELIST, RDRLIST, etc., such as various sort commands and PF keys. You may also overtype the list to issue commands against files. Further, an EXECUTE command is available to manipulate multiple files by a single command. You may use nicknames for destination and origin id.

The information displayed is about 120 columns wide. If the screen width is smaller, NETLIST displays the information on 80 columns and provides a swap PF key to toggle the display.

The command NETLIST LINKS provides analogous functions for RSCS network links, displaying:

  • VM node
  • Link name
  • Status
  • Type
  • Line address
  • Number of files queued, sending, receiving, held
  • Queueing mode
  • LU name
  • Log mode

For a complete description, see the help text. For any feedback, please contact the author.

Change history:

2011-02-17 V2.9: Fix occasional truncation of the QUERY QUEUES command sent to RSCS.

2011-02-08 V2.8: Prevent occasional XEDIT error message when issuing command against many files (EXECUTE * ...).

2010-01-21 V2.7: Minor corrections.

2010-01-11 V2.6: Add TIME option; Sort(time), Sort(size) PF keys on wide screen; STIME, SSIZE commands with optional sort order.

1996-08-26 V2.5: Initial release to VM download page.