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From Brian Wade, IBM:

EnterpriseWeb/VM 1.2A supports multihoming. If your VM system has more than one IP address, you can run an Enterprise/Web virtual machine and tell it to accept requests on only one of your IP addresses. This lets you run more than one Web site on your VM system without running a separate TCP/IP stack for each IP address.

However, the EWEBLOG log machine puts the log records for all of the EnterpriseWeb/VM machines into a single log pool. If you run more than one web site, you have to run a separate logging machine for each such site, pointing each logging machine at a different log pool.

This package lets a single log machine maintain web logs for lots of different sites on your system. A control file describes the relationship between EnterpriseWeb/VM machines and the sites they are running. Also contained in the control file is a mapping that relates site names to the SFS directory in which the site's log files should accumulate.

I did not implement any of the fancier features of the EnterpriseWeb/VM logger, such as a cleanup time-of-day or rotating log pool disks. The logger I wrote just logs to a different SFS directory for each site.