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MULTISRV is a single daemon (server) that supports multiple simple Internet protocols. MULTISRV may be run within a single CMS virtual machine or separate machines. Detailed information about the MULTISRV server is available as on-line documentation .

MULTISRV supports the following Internet protocols:

Protocol Name RFC Description
Active User 866 Returns ASCII string(s) that contain a list of active users on the VM/ESA system (returned user IDs are separated by carriage return, line feed and blank characters).
Character Generator 864 Returns a random length ASCII string in response to a packet from a client.
Daytime 867 Returns an ASCII string that represents the current date and time of the system on which the server is running. The time zone is the current time zone for the system.
Discard 863 Discards any data it receives, and may be useful for debugging problems associated with network connectivity.
Echo 862 Sends back any data it is sent.
Identification 1413 Returns information that identifies the owner of a connection on the server's system.
Quote of the Day 865 Returns an ASCII string of up to 512 characters. The returned string is obtained from a file that allows the server to be configured to respond with a different message for each day.
Time 868 Returns the time in seconds since Midnight on January 1st, 1900 (the returned value is a 32 bit binary number).

In addition to the MULTISRV daemon, a simple CMS "Quote of the Day" client (DAYQUOTE) is provided. DAYQUOTE allows VM/ESA user IDs to access the "Quote of the Day" daemon.