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This package allows you to send your VM user ID, password, and accounting information to the VM/ESA NFS server separately from a MOUNT request.

The password can be specified as part of the mount argument string, but that makes it visible to anyone who can issue the query form of the mount command (usually non-privileged), or ask the local mount service what has been mounted.

This program invokes a non-standard mount program procedure, defined by the VM NFS implementation. This procedure remembers the target mount information and access authentication information for a short while (generally five minutes, but this may be varied by a source change incorporated by an individual VM installation), and combines it with data in a subsequent, ordinary mount request from that client for a mount of the same minidisk, SFS or BFS directory. There may be multiple mountpw calls to the VM server for different objects, and multiple mountpw calls for the same object from different clients, before matching mount requests are received. If a second mountpw call from the same client is received for an object for which a mountpw call has already been received, the earlier data is replaced by the new data.

MOUNTPW source and some executable code are shipped with the VM/ESA product. It is provided in this download library for the convenience of users of the NFS server support.

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