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**********************  UNCLASSIFIED  **********************************        
* :nick.MDDIR      :sec.UNCLASSIFIED                  :disk.IBMVMGAT            
* :title.Group minidisk files into directories.                                 
* :version.3.6     :date.94/11/11   :summary.READ_ME  :support.X                
* :oname.Axel Elfner                :onode.TUCVM2     :ouser.ELFNER             
* :aname.Axel Elfner                :anode.           :auser.                   
* :ops.HPO XA/SP ESA                :lang.REXX        :source.Y                 
* :doc.READ_ME                                                                  
* :kwd.minidisk directory                                                       
* :abs.A set of programs to conceptually partition a minidisk into              
* hierarchical directories.  This allows you to organize your data into         
* groups whose names lend meaning to the purpose of the files in them,          
* making it easier to find files as well as maintain a clean minidisk.          
* Works on Shared File System directories as well as minidisks.                 
* :lic.By placing material on this conference, I agree to grant IBM a           
* non-exclusive, royalty-free license for the material as set forth in          
* the LICENSE AGREEMNT file on this conference.                                 
* (c) Copyright International Business Machines Corporation 1992, 1993.         
*                  All Rights Reserved.                                         
* :repository.IBMVMGAT                                                          
* The package consists of the following files.                                  
      LD       EXEC     *  List Directory program (front end).                  
      LDX      XEDIT    *  List Directory macro (workhorse).                    
      AD       EXEC     *  Add file to Directory program.                       
      RD       EXEC     *  Remove file from Directory program.                  
      QD       EXEC     *  Query Directory program.                             
      MD       EXEC     *  Move Directory program.                              
      SUBDIR   XEDIT    *  Macro to enter a subdirectory from FILELIST.         
      $RENAME  EXEC     *  Updates directory map when renaming a file.          
*                         Rename this file to RENAME EXEC (I didn't want        
*                         to duplicate a CMS command on the tools disk).        
      MDDIR    READ_ME  *  Basic documentation.                                 
      DIRTREE  EXEC     *  Draws directory tree (a curiosity).                  
      MDDIR    LICENSE  *  License Agreement.                                   
* Description of version levels:                                                
* 1.0 - Initial release.                                                        
* 2.0 - Add support for multi-level directories, as requested.                  
* 2.1 - Improve performance, as requested.                                      
* 2.2 - Show all subpaths from any displayed node (like SFS's DIRLIST           
*       command) -- allows fastpath access to any subpath without               
*       traversing each intermediary node, easier to see what directories       
*       you have when grouping files.  DIRTREE exec no longer needed            
*       (entire tree shown when listing root).                                  
* 2.3 - Fix MD ROOT <target_dir> <fm> for when disk <fm> has no directory       
*       map.                                                                    
* 2.4 - Don't erase directory map if can't write out new one.                   
* 2.5 - Be more specific for failed searches in QD.                             
* 2.6 - Maintain a redundant (backup) directory map, as requested.              
* 2.7 - Fix MD ROOT so backup directory map not included.                       
* 2.8 - Remove RXLOCFN package dependency (QDISK function), fix RD bugs         
*       for single record in map and no exit, redistribute DIRTREE exec.        
* 2.9 - PUSH instead of QUEUE Ldx invocation, to pass other stacked lines       
*       to Filelist AFTER Ldx processing.                                       
* 3.0 - Remove dependency on STATE command (returns 0 when file actually        
*       resides on another disk accessed as an extension), change AD, RD,       
*       and MD execs to be O(n) instead of O(n**2).                             
* 3.1 - Fix (EXEC option to not include SFS directories or the EXEC             
*       created by previous use of this option.                                 
* 3.2 - Fix MD ROOT to not include directory maps (thought I did that).         
* 3.3 - Have RENAME use the stack so as not to corrupt existing CMS EXEC.       
* 3.4 - Add support for wildcard file modes, as requested.  Fix RENAME to       
*       use LIFO stack option.  Allow leading path delimiter (.).               
* 3.5 - Handle header record from QUERY DISK in MD EXEC.                        
* 3.6 - Add ALL/ONE/SETALL/SETONE options, change MD syntax display.