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Latest news at 13:45:13 on 2 Mar 1998.

Fixed a Year 2000 date problem in DATEADD REXXCODE.

Package Description.

Package name LPREXX
Title Misc. REXX routines from LP.
Version 1.14
Updated 98/02/27
Author Les Paton
Alternative author Les Paton
Userid les_paton
Software requirements Rexx
Operating System VM/ESA, VM/SP
Software language used Rexx
Source code provided,
Y(es) or N(o)
Summary provided
in file
Documentation provided
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Abstract Rexx routines to do various things.

Package Content within the VMARC file.

      LPREXX   LICENSE  * License instructions for the VM DownLoad Library.
      DOTS     EXEC     * FULLSCREEN demo
      TIMEWNDW EXEC     * FULLSCREEN demo ( show time )
      REXXMSG  EXEC     * List Rexx error messages
      QMSG     REXXCODE * Change and restore message settings
      DISKLINK REXXCODE * Link a disk
      RXBRIGHT REXXCODE * Make a message field bright ( highlighted )
      GETNAME  REXXCODE * Get a temporary workfile name
      WILDCARD REXXCODE * Match strings using 'wildcard' characters
      EPSWRDRL SAMPXEDI * Over-ride the OV/VM default RDRLIST
      DATEADD  REXXCODE * Add/subtract days to the date
      USAGE    REXXCODE * Quietly report usage statistics
      UPUT     EXEC     * When you use 'USAGE REXXCODE' you get files
*                          in your reader which are generated by the
*                          users of your code. You can save these files
*                          by simply typing UPUT alongside the file in
*                          the RDRLIST display.
*                          NOTE UPUT uses RSCSINDX SCRIPT, available from
*                             Disk = VNETREQ  : VNETINFO at VNETCMC

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