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*  (c) Copyright IBM Corporation  1985, 1989.  All rights reserved.
* :nick.IOX             :sec.Unclassified
* :title.REXX/EXEC2 file I/O utility
* :version.4.31         :date.89/11/21   :scp.CMS
* :oname.Ray Mansell                     :onode.YKTVMH   :ouser.MANSELL
* :aname.Ray Mansell                     :anode.YKTVMH   :auser.MANSELL
* :bname.                                :bnode.         :buser.
* :support.X            :lang.Assembler  :source.No
* :doc.HELPCMS
* :sw.
* :abs.IOX is a file I/O utility developed to utilise the direct
*  direct variables interface introduced with REXX and now in EXEC2 as
*  well.  Although EXECIO exists as the CMS product for such operations
*  experience has shown that many users prefer to use IOX.  This may be
*  because the syntax is more helpful, there is greater function or
*  simply because IOX was there first.  Whatever the reason IOX provides
*  an easy way of reading/writing files, using the Card reader, punch
*  and printer.  Multiple records may be handled in a single operation,
*  and more.
 &1 &2 IOX      MODULE   *
 &1 &2 IOX      HELPCMS  *   Online help (syntax description)
 &1 &2 IOX      LICENSE  *