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The normal method to install a product on an IBM® z/VM® system is to obtain the product installation envelope file, obtain the Program Directory of that product, and then follow the manual steps in that document to install the product. The Install Product tool (INSTPROD) does not change this process, it attempts to automate most of the manual steps. It supports systems that use DirMaint™ to manage the directory and systems that manage the directory manually. Installation into an Single System Image (SSI) cluster of systems is also supported.

Using the Install Product tool for installation

Even with the INSTPROD tool, you must still read the Program Directory and follow the steps in that document as you work with the INSTPROD tool. The INSTPROD documentation explains the functions the INSTPROD tool is performing for you so that you know which steps you still need to perform.

The INSTPROD tool currently supports the installation of 5 IBM products on a z/VM system:

  1. 5697-J10 IBM® Operations Manager for z/VM®
  2. 5697-J08 IBM® Tape Manager for z/VM®
  3. 5697-J06 IBM® Backup and Restore Manager for z/VM®
  4. 5698-A36 IBM® Tivoli® OMEGAMON® XE on z/VM® and Linux®
  5. 5655-RAC IBM® Security zSecure Manager for RACF® z/VM®

You must complete all the installation steps of one of these products before you can use the INSTPROD tool to install another product. IBM recommends that these products be installed in the order listed above. Installation of other IBM products is not supported by INSTPROD.

The INSTPROD EXEC does nearly all of the manual installation tasks, from installation planning to installing the product. It is run multiple times, each time performing one step of the process.

A PDF document is included in the package that describes all of the functions performed by the INSTPROD EXEC. The document also describes how to install each supported product.

INSTPROD EXEC has been tested with all of the supported products and with service updates that were available. Future product service updates may require a new level of INSTPROD EXEC to handle new product files or other changes.

If you encounter an error while using INSTPROD EXEC, please send feedback about the error. If the error prevents you from completing the product install, you must complete the installation manually using the steps in the Program Directory. The IBM Support center does not support the INSTPROD tool but it does support the manual product installation steps listed in the Program Directory.

Feedback may be sent to:
Bruce Hayden IBM zSystems Washington Systems Center

Tracy Dean IBM Offering Manager, IMS Tools and z/VM Tools