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From Brian Wade, IBM:

This package is for those of you outside IBM who would like to submit packages to the VM Download Library but whose browsers cannot handle multipart MIME forms. It offers an ashamedly simple file encoder which will let you encode your DOWNLOAD file in a manner which will permit the DOWNLOAD file to survive an SMTP transfer to our submission handler.

To use this package, retrieve and unpack the VMARC file and then:

  1. Build your DOWNLOAD file according to the non-IBM submission instructions.

  2. Use INHEX EXEC in this package to build an encoded version of your DOWNLOAD file (see the prologue of INHEX EXEC for instructions). It will build a file of filetype INHEX.

  3. Send a note to, using XEDIT GET or equivalent to include your INHEX file as part of the note body.

And before the rest of the world jumps on me... yes, we did try using the UUENCODE package from Princeton, but the first submitter who tried it was not able to get UUENCODE to work on his VM/ESA system (1.2.0).

Brian Wade