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* The CMS File Manager (R6.1.0) *****************************************       
* :nick.INFOLIST                                                                
* :title.The CMS File Manager.  Replaces FILELIST, RDRLIST, MACLIST             
* :version.6.1.0        :date.00/02/03   :scp.VM/SP, VM/ESA. CMS 5,6,7,8+       
* :oname.Jim McGarity                    :onode.IBMUSM52 :ouser.JIMMCG          
* :aname.Geoff Smith (ex-IBM employee)   :anode.         :auser.                
* :bname.                                :bnode.         :buser.                
* :support.N    :doc.SCRIPT       :lang.REXX       :source.Y                    
* :sw.                                                                          
* :hw.Any                                                                       
* :kwd.infolist filelist fulist filelels rdrlist maclist fdir dirlist           
* :abs.  Infolist now supports CMS Shared File System!                          
*  An advanced file management tool replaces FILELIST, DIRLIST, RDRLIST         
*  and MACLIST.  In addition, Infolist helps you manage your files by:          
*  - Finding the files you want (Each file has a description)                   
*  - Finding information from within listed files                               
*  - Advanced day-to-day file handling function                                 
*  - Use of SFS and FDIR hierachical directories                                
* New Users: Please print ILINTRO LIST3820 and read it!                         
* Note: CMS R5 users may need access to RXLOCFN PACKAGE as Infolist uses        
*       the REXX 'wordpos' function.                                            
* R6.1.0: Added IBM copyright statement for external release                    
* R6.0.9: Added Y2K sort fix, new profile settings BLANKSUB & AUTOSCRN          
* R6.0.8: Changed PEEKX reference to filemode '@' (Thanks to Bill Holder)       
* R6.0.7: Changed PEEKX reference to PACKAGE file (Thanks to Bill Holder)       
* R6.0.6: Fixed bug when file arguments include a parenthesis                   
* R6.0.5: Fixed bug when changing filemode via RENAME                           
* R6.0.4: Fixed AUTOSAVE, INFOMSG EXEC and Q CMSLEVEL bugs                      
* R6.0.3: Show IL stack level.  Minor bug fixes.                                
* R6.0.2: Prevent Q ACCESSED /LIMITS messages for SP5 users                     
* R6.0.1: Minor fixes for: Reader file search, INFOEX6                          
* Files at 6.1.0: INFOMSG EXEC, ILRXSRCO XEXIT, ILRXCOMP XEDIT                  
* Files at 6.0.1: INFOEDIT XEDIT                                                
* All other files at R6.0.0                                                     
      INFOLIST EXEC     *  Infolist front end - invokes ILRXxxxx                
      ILRXSRCO XEDIT    *  Infolist main program - REXX source (onelined)       
      ILRXCOMP XEDIT    *  Infolist main program - REXX compiled                
      INFOEDIT XEDIT    *  Infolist Description management                      
      INFOMSG  EXEC     *  Messages for INFOLIST and INFOEDIT                   
      PROFILST XEDIT    *  INFOLIST profile - for user tailoring                
      INFOHELP XEDIT    *  Contextual first level help for Infolist             
      INFOLIST HELPCMS  *  INFOLIST Help File                                   
      INFOEDIT HELPXEDI *  INFOEDIT Help File                                   
      PROFILST HELPXEDI *  Help for Installing and Customising Infolist         
      ILINTRO  LIST3820 *  "Introducing INFOLIST" 3820 Document                 
      ILREF    LIST3820 *  "INFOLIST Reference" 3820 Document                   
      XR       XEDIT    *  Rotate the XEDIT ring to the desired file            
      LOADMIXD XEDIT    *  Allow editing of mixed case files                    
      INFOPKG  EXEC     *  Extract PACKAGE file descriptions                    
      INFOSYN  EXEC     *  Display current User, Sort or screen synonyms        
      CONVILPR EXEC     *  Convert old PROFILST profiles to new format          
      ILFILES  STORE    *  Descriptions for files in Infolist Package           
*  Optional co-requisites to INFOLIST:                                          
      PEEKX    PACKAGE  @  XEDIT ring PEEK from PEEKX PACKAGE                   
      ILEXITS  PACKAGE  *  Sample User Exits for Infolist (R5.2.0)