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This package provides the files that comprise the final beta version of the VM IMAP Server (Beta Version 1.6.1). Refer to the TCP/IP for VM IMAP Project webpage for more information regarding the IMAP server project. The IMAP server is included in the TCP/IP for z/VM product as of release 4.2.0.

If you download this package, please send a note to the Internet ID that follows so that we are aware of your participation in the IMAP Server Beta program:

The IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) server runs in a virtual machine and interacts with any PC-based IMAP client that supports the IMAP4rev1 protocol (RFC 2060). Some examples of IMAP clients that have been tested with our server are:

  • Netscape® Communicator
  • Microsoft® Outlook Express
  • Mulberry, from Cyrusoft International.

IMAP is an alternative to the widely-used Post Office Protocol (POP) for managing an email account. Using POP, a client downloads entire messages to the user's PC, deleting them from the server. The user can then work with the messages locally using the client program. The disadvantage to this type of setup is that the users cannot access their stored messages from a different PC; the same PC must always be used to work with messages.

The IMAP protocol provides a set of functions that allow the users to store and organize their mail messages on the server. They can create and delete folders and add, move, copy, or delete messages. The organization of the mail is preserved on the server, so that users can access their respective IMAP accounts from many different clients or PC's, and yet see their messages in a consistent manner.

The files that follow comprise the IMAP server package:

File Name / Type Description
Documentation that explains how to setup and run the IMAP server.
( IMAP installation information is also available for review online).
The main IMAP server module.
A sample IMAP server configuration file.
A sample exit that illustrates use of the administrator interface.
An SMTP command exit.
A CMS Pipelines filter that is used by the IMAPCMDX exit.
A collection of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about IMAP.
Sample exec for converting beta release 1.5 index structures into the format that is required for beta release 1.6 and beyond.