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The HEXDUMP command provides a way to browse a hexadecimal dump of a file, virtual storage, or other data source. The formatted display consists of three columns: Column one displays the offset (in hexadecimal) from the beginning of the file, or other origin of your choice. Column two displays the file contents in hexadecimal, 16 bytes to a line. Column three displays the file contents in EBCDIC translation, 16 bytes to a line. ASCII translation is also supported. Unprintable characters are displayed as "." in the translation. Display is either via the CMS Pipelines BROWSE stage, or XEDIT.

HEXDUMP uses CMS Pipelines to read the input data, and the command line syntax allows you to insert pipe stages of your choice, so there is practically no restriction on what kind of data may be displayed.

If you have questions or comments about HEXDUMP, contact Kent Fiala.