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**********************  IBM Internal Use Only  ************************
* :nick.HELP            :sec.Unclassified
* :title.Enhancements to HELP
* :version.1.5          :date.07/04/05
* :oname.Buelens Kris                    :onode.BEVM     :ouser.BUELENSC
* :aname.Buelens Kris                    :anode.BEVM     :auser.BUELENSC
* :support.NA           :doc.Help files       :lang.REXX, XEDIT
* :sw.VM/SP R5 up to CMS Rel 23 (z/VM V5R3 )
* :abs.This package provides an enhancements to HELP:
*  1. You can now enter for example "HELP * ENROLL"
*     and help will display a list of help files for all ENROLL commands
*  2. The railroad tracks used to describe the command formats are
*     changed: we use 3270 "text" characters, this way lines become
*     real lines instead of dashed lines.  Thanks to this the
*     railroad tracks become readable by mortals.
*     Side effect: - and + signs part of the command syntax may become
*     translated too (but in standard help confusion exists for - too).
*  3. We provide a macro "HELPCOL", that is useful while writing help
*     files: you get PF-keys to insert color attributes.  PF24 will
*     display "in HELP-like mode" the page yoy are viewing in XEDIT.
*     This way you can judge the alignment and colors withou the need
*     to start HELP and scroll to the page you changed.
* :lic.By placing material on this conference, I agree to grant
* IBM a non-exclusive, royalty-free license for the material
* as set forth in the LICENSE AGREEMNT file on this conference.
 HELP     PACKAGE  * This file itself
*---the files required for production
 HELP     EXEC     *
 HELP     XEDIT    *
 HELPFTS  DATA     * To translate a HELPxxxx ftype into a description
 HELPXED  XEDIT    * Modified version for CMS R12 and up
 HELPXE10 XEDIT    * Modified version for CMS R10, R11
* an EXEC for your PROFILE EXEC to load execs (as loading EXECUTE & co)
 EXECLD   EXEC     *
* For people writing HELP files
* For anyone wanting to see helpintro imbedded in REXX execs