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**********************  IBM Internal Use Only  ************************
* :nick.GUISET          :sec.Unclassified
* :title.Tailor XEDIT settings via a CMS GUI application
* :version.1.0          :date.96/06/14
* :oname.Buelens Kris                    :onode.IECVM    :ouser.BUELENSC
* :aname.Buelens Kris                    :anode.IECVM    :auser.BUELENSC
* :support.NA           :doc.Built-in help    :lang.REXX, XEDIT, DT
* :sw.VM/ESA Version 2 Rel 1 and CMSGUI feature
* :abs.The GUISET package helps end-users to tailor the XEDIT settings
*      by using CMS GUI panels.
*      A list of all settings is avaliable; where possible, the user
*      can select his settings choise by selection radio buttons.
*      GUISET can run for XEDIT in GUI window or in a 3270 window.
* :lic.By placing material on this conference, I agree to grant
* IBM a non-exclusive, royalty-free license for the material
* as set forth in the LICENSE AGREEMNT file on this conference.
      GUI+KRIS README   *  A readme file, explaining the prereqs         :23:31
      GUISET   HELPXEDI *  The online help                               :23:31
      GUISET   XEDIT    *  The main exec                                 :55:24
      GUISETS  XEDIT    *  To include in user's PROFILE XEDIT            :55:24
      GUISET   LIST     *  The file listing all SET commands             :55:24