Description of GET370AC

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The VM organization would like to determine who prevalent is the use of the CP SET 370ACCOM setting. For that reason we are asking customers to run this exec on each of their systems and collect data for us.

Additionally, the output of this exec can be used by the customer to determine which of their virtual machines have 370ACCOM set on. This is not always easy to determine because there is no directory option and it can only be set by a command in the guest's PROFILE EXEC.

The output of the GET370AC EXEC is a file on the A-disk with filename of the month, day, hour, and minute (mmddhhmm format) and filetype GET370AC. For each user with 370ACCOM set on, this file contains a line that includes the userid and a series of counts relevant to a 370ACCOM virtual machine.

The requirements to run this exec are:

  • Read/write A-disk
  • CP privilege class to do DISPLAY Host (default class C,E)
  • CP privilege class to do LOCATE VMDBK userid (default class C,E)