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Fixed a problem in $SEEMSG$ XEDIT macro.

Package Description.

Package name FORATREE
Title Show a "tree" of appends in a FORUM type file.
Version 1.09
Updated 98/02/09
Author Les Paton
Alternative author Les Paton
Userid les_paton
Software requirements Rexx, XEDIT
Operating System VM/ESA, VM/SP
Software language used Rexx
Source code provided,
Y(es) or N(o)
Summary provided
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Documentation provided
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Abstract Show an "ALL" type display of the cascade or "tree" of appends which result from the base append. Use only within an XEDIT session of the ENTIRE FORUM-type file. Will not work from within FORAVIEW-type display.

Package Content within the VMARC file.

      FORATREE LICENSE  * License instructions for the VM DownLoad Library.
      FORATREE XEDIT    * Show "tree" of responses to an append.
*                       *  responses to responses ( that is, no "tree" ).
      FORARESP XEDIT    * Show responses to an append but do not resolve
*                       *  MUST be dated 12 Jan 1998 or later.
      $SEEMSG$ XEDIT    * Search engine. Part of SEE PACKAGE.

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