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From Brian Wade, IBM:

This program tracks the status of farms of EnterpriseWeb/VM (now Shadow VM) web server daemons. The status is displayed on a 3270 screen through use of CMS Session Services (the VSCREEN WRITE command).

EWEBSTAT displays information about what each daemon is doing (idle or working) and if working, what URL it is working on, what the client's IP address is, and how long the transaction has been in progress. Colors highlight daemons that might require attention.

EWEBSTAT also monitors sets of daemons, called "groups". A group is a set of daemons whose user IDs start with a common prefix. EWEBSTAT watches transaction arrival rate to the group, number of daemons busy in the group at any one instant, and computes various other statistics about group operation. Again, colors are used to highlight situations that might require attention. Severe situations about group operation are logged to a log file.

EWEBSTAT also watches for hung daemons according to configurable transaction time limits. There is one limit for static transactions and a separate limit for transactions involving CGIs. If the limit is hit, EWEBSTAT issues CP FORCE to force the user ID. (If VM TCP/IP is properly configured, it will log the daemon back on.)

EWEBSTAT does exploit various exits in EnterpriseWeb/VM (Shadow VM). If you are already using the transaction exit (EWXTRANS), the URL exit (EWXURL), or the IP filter capability, you will have to merge my code's function into your already-existing exit code.

Prerequisites: fairly recent CMS Pipelines.

Have fun,
Brian Wade