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DUMPEDIT can be used to remove unneeded pages from a VMDUMP, e.g., to save disk space. It was written primarily to handle the situation in which a dump must be taken with the DCSS option, and saved segments other than the one of interest are consequently included in the dump. It can also be used to advantage when a dump includes a large amount of storage whose location is known, and whose contents are known not to be of interest. The primary example of this would be a saved segment that is in user storage and is included in the dump.

DUMPEDIT can process a VMDUMP directly from the reader, taking the place of the DUMPLOAD command. Or it can be used to edit a VMDUMP that has already been loaded to disk via either DUMPLOAD or DUMPEDIT.

DUMPEDIT does not support every VMDUMP format. It has been developed and tested only with the "typical" dump of the primary address space only.

If you have questions or comments about DUMPEDIT, contact Kent Fiala.