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From Brian Wade, IBM:

The objective of this package is to provide a means by which a number of users, each equipped with a Web browser, can participate in a set of online dialogs (conferences, forums, or whatever they're called in your culture), such dialogs being mediated by a VM web server.

The package currently provides such function for a VM system equipped with the EnterpriseWeb/VM(tm) web server. The features of the package include:

  • Support of both public and restricted-access conferences
  • Browsing of dialogs one append at a time
  • Navigation forward and backward through the appends of a dialog
  • Ability to send e-mail to appenders
  • Ability to append text with flat-file attachments


You must be running EnterpriseWeb/VM 1.1.

Your users should be running browsers that support HTML tables.

A user who will want to submit appends containing flat-file attachments should be running a browser capable of such operation.