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The DIREXEC package includes three different commands.

DIREXEC executes an EXEC specified by a fileid. Its primary use is to execute an exec from an un-accessed SFS directory. You can also execute an exec, either on SFS or minidisk, accessed at a specific filemode while bypassing the normal CMS search order. REXX and EXEC 2 execs are supported, but not EXEC 1 execs. DIREXEC can also be used to execute EXECs with a non-standard filetype, or to alter the initial command environment for an EXEC.

FMEXEC executes an EXEC from a specific filemode. Its primary use is to bypass the standard CMS search order when two or more execs of the same name are accessed. REXX and EXEC 2 execs are supported, but not EXEC 1 execs. FMEXEC provides only a subset of the function provided by DIREXEC in that it only works with accessed filemodes, but it has a simpler syntax.

DIRXLOAD execloads a file. Its operation is identical to that of the EXECLOAD command, with the addition that you can DIRXLOAD an exec from an SFS directory that may not necessarily be accessed.

If you have questions or comments about DIREXEC, contact Kent Fiala.