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The DATECNVT EXEC is a front end to the CMS PIPELINES DATECONVERT stage which is a front end to the CMS Multitasking DateTimeSubtract CSL routine. If you have all three of these installed you can use the DATECNVT as a REXX function call or as a Command call. There is also a DATECNVT HELPCMS file that has lots of good information.

See the VM/ESA Year 2000 web page "Technical Information section" on how to download/install the Dateconvert stage and DateTimeSubtract CSL routine. If you are on VM/ESA V2 R3, the stage and CSL routine are already on your system and do not need to download them.

Basically all three routines convert and validate date input into another date format.

You can adapt this package to do whatever you want, if you know how to write REXX and/or CMS Pipelines.