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This package contains a CGI script that produces an access counter. The image produced by this script is an x-bitmap image (the easiest kind).

The contents of the package include:


In order to use the script, you need to reference it from an html page. This is accomplished using the < img> html tag. Instead of referencing a static image file, the tag references the counter cgi script which builds an image data stream dynamically based upon a counter value retrieved from a file.

The script as supplied has been tested with EnterpriseWeb from Beyond Software, Rick Troth's WEBSHARE product, and VM:Webgateway from Sterling Software.

In order to use the script with WEBSHARE, simply rename the file COUNTER EWEBCGI to COUNTER CGI. Use the file COUNTER VMGW with VM:Webgateway.

The CGI allows you to maintain counter files in the directory from which the invoking html page resides, or in a central counter directory. The CGI will attempt to locate the counter file in the same directory as the html page first. If that is unsuccessful, it will try the central cgi directory. Please customize the variables site_root, and counter_dir at the beginning of the script to reflect the web root, and central counter directory at your site. You must be sure to authorize your web server to have r/w access to the directory and counter files.

Finally, when adding a reference in an html page to the counter, don't forget to include an argument identifying the name of the counter file to use. You may optionally follow the file name and type with the keyword NODISP. This allows you to maintain a counter for a web page, without having the counter be visible on the web page. See the html example nocountr html for how to code the img tag in this case. The html page acountr html provides an example of how to code html to display the counter on a page with a frame around it.

Please also read the comments at the beginning of the cgi script for additional information.

If you have any questions, please send a note to: Richard Lewis

Happy Counting!

Richard Lewis - IBM Washington System Center