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Recent versions of the installer of commercial Linux for zSeries                
distributions seem to have trouble with minidisks that are not                  
already formatted in the Linux for zSeries CDL format. Running the              
dasdfmt program on the Linux starter system is somewhat unpractical.            
The CMS2CDL program takes a minidisk that has been formatted by the             
CMS FORMAT command and modifies it such that it looks like a disk that          
was processed by dasdfmt and fdasd. Because CMS and CDL format are so           
similar, this modification is very quick. When you run DIRMAINT you can         
configure it such that disks are formatted by DATAMOVE before they are          
passed to the target userid.                                                    
Note: This is not related to the RESERVE command and the dasd_diag_mod          
driver. The disk format produced by CMS2CDL is Linux CDL format and works       
with the dasd_eckd_mod driver.                                                  
Prerequisites: The CMS2CDL program uses CMS Pipelines stages that are not       
part of the z/VM 4.4 built-in plumbing. The CMS Pipelines Runtime Library       
available at provides the new function.       
Upgrade to that level of CMS Pipelines does not have to be system wide,         
but can be limited to the users that need to run the CMS2CDL program.