Description of CLONE620

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This package copy (FLASHCOPY or DDR) the specified dasds of a running system (zVM 6.2 or later, Non-SSI)

Parameters for execution must be passed by a >named< CONFIG file.

After the copy:

  1. All dasds are renamed to a new volser, supplied.
  2. Update USER DIRECT with the new volsers (optional)
  3. Update SYSTEM CONFIG with the new volsers (optional)
  4. Erase USER DIRECT and creates a USER INPUT for DIRMAINT (optional)

    The new set of dasds are backups of the original zVM and can be IPLed without duplicate volsers, when all optional modules are selected.

    One file, CLONEBKP CONFSAMP, is supplied as a model how to specify the parameters and the Input/Output dasds.

    Is possible to keep several CONFIG files, with different configurations.

    To test the new system, a sample VMBKP DIRECT is also supplied.

    Note: This package was not tested on a SSI system, yet, but can be used to clone a Non-SSI member to be inserted to an existing Cluster.