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**********************  UNCLASSIFIED  **********************************
* :nick.CHKDEV     :sec.UNCLASSIFIED                  :disk.IBMVMGAT
* :title.CHKDEV/GDDMTERM - Terminal Recognition and GDDM Setup
* :version.1.0     :date.95/01/27   :summary.HELPCMS  :support.X
* :oname.Rick Rafey                 :onode.ALMVMA     :ouser.RAFEY
* :aname.Rick Rafey                 :anode.           :auser.
* :hw.Most terminals                :sw.GDDM-REXX
* :ops.VM/CMS                       :lang.REXX        :source.Y
* :doc.HELPCMS file
* :kwd.GDDM, Device, Terminal, Display
* :abs.Return information about the terminal that is being used,
* including a code corresponding to the model number.
* Also includes a front end EXEC that can be used for
* accessing GDDM disks and setting up a PROFILE ADMDEFS file.
* :lic.By placing material on this conference, I agree to grant
* IBM a non-exclusive, royalty-free license for the material
* as set forth in the LICENSE AGREEMNT file on this conference.
      CHKDEV   LICENSE  *  * License Agreement for this package
      CHKDEV   EXEC     *  * Terminal Recognition EXEC
      CHKDEV   HELPCMS  *  * Documentation on CHKDEV
* CHKDEV EXEC is all that is required for terminal recognition.  If the
* terminal is not recognized, CHKDEV EXEC returns 286, which indicates
* a PC or PS/2 that is not running Graphics Workstation Program.
      GDDMTERM EXEC     *  * Front end EXEC for setting up GDDM
      GDDMTERM HELPCMS  *  * Documentation on GDDMTERM
* GDDMTERM EXEC is used at some IBM sites to recognize
* devices and to access the GDDM disks and set up a PROFILE ADMDEFS
* file if the particular terminal requires such a file.
* GDDMTERM makes use of the PRODUCT EXEC, which can be requested
* separately if your site does not already have it, or which you
* can replace with your site's disk access method.
      GDDM5080 ADMDEFS  *  * Definitions for 5080 terminal
      GDDMPCGA ADMDEFS  *  * Definitions for 3277/GA terminal
      GDDMPCLK ADMDEFS  *  * Definitions for GDDM-PCLK terminal
      GDDMPCPL ADMDEFS  *  * Definitions for PC Plotter
      GDDMPCPR ADMDEFS  *  * Definitions for PC Printer
      GDDMBTCH ADMDEFS  *  * Definitions for Disconnected Machine
      GDDMDMMY ADMDEFS  *  * Dummy file for non-PC devices
* MAGICDEM EXEC is a sample of how GDDMTERM EXEC could be used in a
* shell for calling an application.  The original MAGIC EXEC was renamed
* to MAGICARC, so that all exit points bring you back to GDDMTERM for
* cleaning up (i.e., restoring disks, files, etc.).
      MAGICDEM EXEC     *  * Sample use of GDDMTERM EXEC