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* :nick.CASEWRD         :sec.Unclassified                                       
* :title.Change the case of a word in XEDIT                                     
* :version.3.1          :date.86/04/22   :scp.                                  
* :oname.David R. Welsh                  :onode.RCHVMV   :ouser.WELSH           
* :aname.David R. Welsh                  :anode.RCHVMV   :auser.WELSH           
* :bname.                                :bnode.         :buser.                
* :support.X    :doc.HELPXEDI     :lang.Rexx       :source.Y                    
* :sw.                                                                          
* :kwd.XEDIT WORD UPPER LOWER CASE TAB                                          
* :abs.CASEWRD will change the case of a word from UPPER to lower or            
* First Letter Capitalized, or vice versa.  Also provides the ability to        
* tab from one word to another, either along with changing the case, or         
* as a standalone feature.                                                      
      CASEWRD  LICENSE  *                                                       
      CASEWRD  HELPXEDI *                                                       
      CASEWRD  XEDIT    *