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From Brian Wade, IBM:

This package provides a simple way to draw line drawings in a BookMaster document. The steps are:

  • Using XEDIT, draw your picture in a file of filetype BOXES, using these characters for edges, intersections, and arrows:
       box is this:     @---^---\
                        |   |   |
                        |   |   |
       arrows are:  up      [
                    down    ]
                    left    <
                    right   >

  • Invoke BOX2BMS EXEC, passing as a parameter the filename of the BOXES file (e.g., BOX2BMS MYPIC). This will give you a file of filetype SCRIPT that contains the markup necessary to include your drawing in a BookMaster document via the :cgraphic. tag.

  • In your BookMaster document, code like this:
    :cgraphic scale=auto width=80.
    .im (mypic script)

  • When you are writing a big document you might have lots of BOXES files all on the same filemode. CVTBOX EXEC converts all of the BOXES files on a given filemode, producing a SCRIPT file for each corresponding BOXES file.

I didn't write this with the intention of giving it away, so don't laugh too hard at the source... but someone asked me recently "how'd you draw that picture" so I thought I would post this package in response to that question.