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From Kris Buelens, IBM Belgium

BFSLIST is a FILELIST-like tool for BFS files.

Change history

Version 2.0.1, 2 Apr 1998, Avoid errors on screens wider than 80 cols

Version 3.1, 2 Jan 2008, Add a BROWSE command (uses PIPE's BROWSE)

Version 3.1.a, 23 Jun 2008, avoid alignment problems for file larger than 100M.

Version 3.1.b, 1 Oct 2008, avoid REXX Novalue abend when nothing is mounted.

BFS stands for Byte File System. It is the repository for VM's Posix compliant files. Using BFS is a must when Java and NetRexx are installed on VM/ESA. BFS files are organized in directories, just as in Unix.

Without a BFSLIST like tool, you only have linemode interfaces to work with BFS files: OPENVM LISTFILE, or the Posix ls command.

With BFSLIST you can display your files as shown below and easily manage the files (Xedit, Copy, Delete, ...).

 KRIS     BFSLIST  A0  V 1000  Trunc=1000 Size=15 Line=1 Col=1 Alt=0
DIRECTORY: /usr/guimon/client/

--> cmd:  X(Xedit/list) A(asciiXedit) D(del) R(ren) C(copy) Q(qLink) T(tr
cmd T Fileid            Privs     Owner    Group       Size Date       Ti

    F GetPerf.nrx       rwxr-xr-x kris     system        6K 1998/03/17 15
    F AboutActionClass. rwxr-xr-x kris     system        2K 1998/03/13 12
    F AboutFrame.class  rwxr-xr-x kris     system        5K 1998/03/13 12
    F AboutFrameControl rwxr-xr-x kris     system      603  1998/03/13 12
    F GuiMonActions.cla rwxr-xr-x kris     system        2K 1998/03/12 13
    F GuiMonFrame.class rwxr-xr-x kris     system       10K 1998/03/12 13
    F GuiMonFrameContro rwxr-xr-x kris     system      650  1998/03/12 13
    F GuiMonMenuAction. rwxr-xr-x kris     system       12K 1998/03/12 13
    F GuiMonTimeScroll. rwxr-xr-x kris     system        1K 1998/03/12 13
    F GuiMon.class      rwxr-xr-x kris     system      994  1998/03/12 13
    F GuiMon.nrx        rwxr-xr-x kris     system       22K 1998/03/12 13
    F TimeGraph.class   rwxr-xr-x kris     system        4K 1998/03/10 15
    F    rwxr-xr-x kris     system        4K 1998/03/10 15
    F GetPerf.class     rwxr-xr-x kris     system        7K 1998/03/10 10
    F AboutFrame.nrx    rwxr-xr-x kris     system        7K 1998/03/06 17
1= Help       2= Refresh  3= Quit   4= Sort(NAME)  5= All         6= Sort
7= Backward   8= Forward  9= Dirs  10= Parent     11= XEDIT/List 12= All(


The package also includes BFSTREE EXEC. This allows to see a tree view of a BFS file space.

 KRIS     BFSTREE  A0  V 1000  Trunc=1000 Size=20 Line=0 Col=1 Alt=1
Viewing tree starting at: /
     u -> /home
       guimon -> /../VMBFS:SFS72:_GUIMON/guimon
       java -> /../VMBFS:SFS72:_JAVA/J1.1/
       mail -> /var/spool/mail
       spool -> /var/spool
       NetRexx -> /../VMBFS:SFS72:_NETREXX/NetRexx
1= Help       2= Refresh  3= Quit   4=             5=             6=
7= Backward   8= Forward  9=       10= Parent     11= List       12=


  1. The BFSLIST package is part of the tools created for Redbook SG24-5148 VM/ESA Netwotk Computing with Java and NetRexx. A draft of this redbook is avalable on the WWW. It also contains a detailed description of BFSLIST.
  2. BFSLIST described here replaces the BFSLIST EXEC that is provided with Redbook SG24-4747 OpenEdition for VM/ESA Implementation and Administration. The other BFS related tools of this Redbook remain valuable.