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From Kris Buelens, IBM Belgium

Servers built using the RxServer kernel have have a wakeup file to define timebound commands.  These servers have an ON, QON, and CHANGEON command to add, query, or change commands in their wakeup file without interrupting the server.  Examples:

TELL myserver ON M-F 14:00:00 EXEC MYEXEC
TELL myserver QON * * MYEXEC
TELL myserver CHANGEON /M-F 14:00:00 EXEC MYEXEC/SUN = =/
TELL myserver CHANGEON /SUN 14:00:00 EXEC MYEXEC//

When having many servers on multiple VM systems, the linemode, TELL based, interface is surely not perfect.  Another shortcoming is that it is hard to manage long commands or to include comments describing the command in the wakeup file.

This is where ADDON, a CMS/GUI application, becomes usefull.

  • For new commands, comments can be added to the wakeup file too, optionally including who added this (set of) command(s).
  • Copying a command found in one VM system to servers on other VM systems becomes a few mouse clicks.
  • ...