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**********************  UNCLASSIFIED  **********************************
* :nick.ADDNAME    :sec.UNCLASSIFIED                  :disk.VMTOOLS
* :title.Add entry to NAMES while in PEEK or NOTEBOOK
* :version.1.01    :date.95/01/12   :summary.PACKAGE  :support.X
* :oname.Les Paton                  :onode.GNKVM      :ouser.LPATON
* :aname.Les Paton                  :anode.GNKVM      :auser.LPATON
* :sw.Rexx, XEDIT
* :ops.VM/ESA, VM/SP                :lang.Rexx        :source.Y
* :doc.PACKAGE
* :abs.While viewing a FILE or NOTE within PEEK or a NOTE within
* a NOTEBOOK, OFSLOGfl or FORUM you can add the addressees
* to your NAMES file.
* Choice of the originator only or all the addressees.
* :lic.By placing material on this conference, I agree to grant
* IBM a non-exclusive, royalty-free license for the material
* as set forth in the LICENSE AGREEMNT file on this conference.
* (c) Copyright International Business Machines Corporation 1994, 1995.
*                      All Rights Reserved.
* No  service,  support  or  maintenance is  expressed  or  implied.  For
* additional information refer to the LICENSE agreement for this tool.
      ADDNAME  LICENSE  *  License agreement
      ADDNAMES XEDIT    *  Invoke from PEEK or NOTEBOOK etc.
      $ADDNAME XEDIT    *  Generate calls to update NAMES file.
      $NOTELST XEDIT    *  Decode NOTE info.
      $DCDSNDR XEDIT    *  Decode RDRLIST info.
      $ADDNAME EXEC     *  Add entry to NAMES file.
* Dependencies....
*     NAMEUPDT EXEC       From VMTOOLS. May be used by $ADDNAME EXEC.