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Package Description.

Package name 3812PPRT
Title Page printing via PSF/VM
Version 1.2
Updated 99/12/14
Author Les Paton
Alternative author Les Paton
Userid les_paton
Software requirements Rexx IOS3270 XEDIT
Operating System VM/SP5 VM/ESA
Software language used Rexx
Summary provided
in file
Abstract Page Printing via PSF/VM

Package Content within the VMARC file.

      3812PPRT LICENSE  * License instructions for the VM DownLoad Library.
      3812PPRT EXEC     *
      3812PPRT SCREEN01 *
      3812GEXT EXEC     *
      $3812PPR XEDIT    *
      $3812EXT XEDIT    *
      3812PPRT HELPCMS  *
      3812PPRT SCREEN02 *
      HCOPY    SAMPEXEC * Edit to local requirements and rename to EXEC
      QPGINF   SAMPEXEC * --------- ditto ----------------
* Dependencies....
*     IOS3270  PACKAGE    Program Product ( DIOSF )