Mark Johnson's Developer Page

My current responsibilities include:

  • the maintenance/administration of the library system on which the VM code is developed
  • building and packaging various pieces of the VMGUI
  • administration and backup of the EDL SFS filepools
  • working on the team that performs component function testing for CMS PIPELINES.

My career at IBM:

  • Sept 1991 to Present: I have worked on the library system on which the VM code is developed in one form or another.

    Adding function, performance enhancements, further automation, and fixes allows me to write a lot of code in REXX and CMS PIPELINES (great stuff).

    I took on the task of building and packaging VMGUI parts in the fall of 1994. This has brought me AIX, TCPIP, and further automation skills.

  • April 1990 to Sept 1991: Attended the IBM Programmer Retraining program. This was a grueling, fulltime, 17 month program that included IBM programming fundamentals and college level logic, math, programming language, and computer science courses.

  • July 1979 to April 1990: Worked my way up through the ranks in one of the departments responsible for maintaining and repairing production equipment used in the Endicott plant.

    I worked on a quite a variety of machinery, involving many disciplines including hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, chemicals, optics, servos, lasers, etc. I think my favorite equipment was the computer numerical controlled machining centers, some of them as big as a small house.

Some personal info

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